The Firehouse Dedication Ceremony

firehouse 3

Yesterday I went to the Sandy Hook Firehouse for a dedication ceremony dedicated to the victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy.  They mounted a bronze star on the roof of the firehouse that represents each life that was lost in the school that day.  The volunteer firefighters as well as the first responders were attending and it was a great chance to go and hug as many of them as I could.  It was really emotional to go back to that place for me though.  More than I thought it would be.  Walking into that building brought back a flood of memories that at first really overwhelmed me.  I struggled to breathe and I could feel the panic run through me.   I had to walk into a corner of the room and gain my composure for a few minutes before I could talk to anybody.  I have realized that those kinds of moments are hard to prepare yourself for and I just had to focus on why I was there.  I wanted to thank all those who were there for me and all the other families of Sandy Hook.

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It turned out to be such a special experience.  After the dedication ceremony, we went over to the town’s municipal building to see all the cards, letters and posters Sandy Hook has received.  I was told the town received over 175,000 letters.

firehouse 2

It was such a rewarding day seeing so much love from so so many places.

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