The Bag…..

I had been staring at it since we got back from Utah. The bag. It was in Samantha’s room, right where Emilie had left it. It has taken me weeks to finally deal with it. It was time to finish what Emilie didn’t get a chance to do.

So, let me explain….December 10th Emilie got an idea. She wanted to donate all her old toys to a local donation center by our house. She went from room to room collecting things she thought were no longer being played with. Madeline and Samantha gave her quite a fight on most of the toys, but Emilie convinced them in the end. We finished the collection in Samantha’s room and vowed to take them in on Saturday to the donation center. So for weeks now, the bag has stayed right where we left it.

The donation center (Make a Home Foundation or MAHF) is a place I visit quite frequently. My girls know it well. It is five minutes from my house and I often refer to it as a “Goodwill on steroids”. Emilie’s ideas for creations would come alive on these trips to the thrift store. She once found a bookshelf that she helped me transform into a pink doll house. We spend hours gluing wallpaper on the walls and cutting out old carpet remnants for the floor. The next step was the furnishings for the interior. Paper was Emilie’s first choice in crafting material and she turned to her large stash on her desk. It has been a Christmas tradition to buy her a box of fresh white paper (her year’s supply). With this paper she made a TV, a bath tub, a table and the list just went on and on. That doll house and many other toys and crafts in her room always highlighted one of her strengths, reinvention.

While my mom was here at the house helping me, I decided it was time to finish an easy project in our laundry room. I knew that in order to finish the project, I needed to make a trip to my thrift store. It was time to make the donation Emilie wanted to make. When I told my girls what we were doing, I was a little disappointed they didn’t grasp the coolness of donating.

The couple that runs MAHF are friends of mine and I felt that it was important that they knew who this donation was coming from. After lots of hugs and tears, they graciously took the bag of toys from my hands. I then looked around the store and found what I needed for my project and left.

Three days later, I got a letter in the mail from MAHF. I opened it up expecting it to be a flyer for an upcoming even they were having, but instead it was a letter from my sweet friends. Attached to the letter was the check I had used to make my purchase days before. These people touched me. They touched me because they had been touched by Emilie. Small things in this life are what for me, seem to make the biggest impact of all.

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