Horses and Monkeys

Since a very very young age Madeline has been obsessed with horses.  At first, I sort of looked at it like a phase, like Emilie only wearing dresses for two years straight.  But this love of horses has not only remained over the years, it has grown.  Everything is all about “princess cowgirls” and riding horses to the castle (or ranch depending on the story).

This morning I posed the question, “Madeline, how many horses do you think you have?”  She excitedly responded, “I don’t know!  Can we count them mommy?! Please!  After breakfast?”  Of course I agreed.  After all, a snow day is a perfect day to count horses.  We dug all throughout her room, in the toy box, the dress ups, under her bed and everywhere else a little horse could possibly hide.  We stacked them all up on the couch and counted.  Samantha thought the counting would be fun to do out of order, so we had to start over a few times.  All in all she had a total of thirty-four horses (even I was a bit suprised).  We took some pictures and put them back in her room.  Image

Samantha then told us it was her turn to make a pile of her favorite animal…monkeys.  Sam took charge and laid out her extra large monkey pillow pet on the ground and instructed us to go to her room and get all her monkeys (Sam is good at giving instructions).  Madeline and I laughed at her demands and ran to her room and loaded our arms up with stuffed monkeys.  Samantha laid down on the pillow pet and calmly waited for us.  She then instructed us to cover her completely with monkeys and then for me to get my camera and take pictures of her.  I did as I was told and got my camera.  I started taking pictures and Sam yelled at me, “Stop mom! Stop!  You have to wait till Madeline counts to three!  Okay mom.  It isn’t your turn yet. Madeline!  Count to three!”  Giggling Madeline began to count to three and I readied myself for “my turn” to take a picture.  On three I clicked down to take a picture in time to see Samantha leaping up and screaming at the top of her lungs, “Rrrraaawwww!!!!”  Monkeys flew everywhere and Madeline and I couldn’t help but laugh.

Two very silly girls, best therapy ever.