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We just recently celebrated Samantha’s birthday and as hard as it was, we still made it as fun as we could.  Samantha’s birthday has always marked a unique time for our family.  For the three weeks between Samantha’s birthday and Emilie’s birthday, our kids’ ages are in consecutive order.  Over the years it has been kind of the family joke to see how people react when they ask how old our girls are and we say, “1, 2, and 3”.  I admit, I am struggling with it right now.

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Anytime anyone references the girls and asks how old they are or if I have anymore children, it’s tough.  It’s tough to answer even the most basic things sometimes.  Emotionally I have been trying to prepare myself for Emilie’s birthday.  This year her birthday lands on Mother’s day.  We brought Emilie home from the hospital on Mother’s day and I always found it fitting that they were celebrated at the same time.  She was my first baby and it was my first mother’s day.  This year, it’s going to be difficult to find that silver lining, but I am trying to embrace whatever goodness I can.

Emilie already had big plans for her birthday this year.  She wanted it to be a Harry Potter themed party.  Harry Potter had become a new favorite of hers and she wanted to dress up like Hermione Granger.  She has always been our party planner and could always create the most unique party games for every event.

So, on May 12th, I hope to honor her.  I hope to make it a day of remembrance for my girls to embrace all that Emilie stood for.  As hard as it will be I want it special because, unlike other dates, this is one day I want to remember.

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