Mothers Day: A Fathers Perspective

7 years ago today I witnessed something amazing.  I watched as the love of my life instantly changed from the woman I loved with all my heart to someone that now demanded more respect and admiration….because now she was a mother.  7 years ago today our Emilie was born and as I watched Alissa lock her eyes on her I could see a change immediately.  She was now a different person, she was someone with more purpose, more love, more compassion, more maturity, more perspective, she was now a mother.  I realized that I wasn’t the most important person in her life anymore….and I loved that.  It was amazing for me to witness that transformation in an instant.

    Over the next few hours as everything started to settle in and I was trying to comprehend my new role as a father, I couldn’t help but realize that in this new relationship I was a guest, a bystander.   Not to diminish my role or the importance of it, but Emilie and Alissa were connected, in a way never before comprehensible to me.  The first time I held Emilie, I was amazed at how even though I was looking at her for the first time, I knew her, she was where she belonged and I knew she was meant to be in our family.  She gave me, for the first time ever,  a real eternal perspective on life.  Despite what I was feeling on that day, it was nothing compared to what I saw transpiring between Alissa and Emilie.
    Over the years I have continued to be amazed at how their relationship grew and matured.  Alissa helping and teaching Emilie all she knew and loved.  Emilie on the other hand absorbing everything Alissa taught and in turn teaching Alissa in her own way how to be a better person, one with more patience, love, and understanding, she was helping Alissa become a better mother.  Their love and their relationship brought out the best in each other.  Emilie becoming the wonderful person and daughter we all grew to love and adore.  Alissa becoming the exceptional woman, mother and wife to my girls and to me.
   As a father watching this play out for over 6 1/2 years, I am humbled and grateful for them.  I am so proud to call Alissa my wife.  She exemplifies and embodies what it means to be a woman, wife and mother.  I am proud to be Emilie’s father.  I am glad that I  have been blessed to be surrounded by the best women this world has ever seen.  I express gratitude for having Emilie, Madeline and Samantha as my daughters.  I am humbled to have Alissa and that I get to watch her be a mother.
Happy Mothers Day Alissa.
Happy Birthday Emilie.
I love you all with my whole heart and soul.