Flower Girls

Emilie arched her eyebrow slightly up as she excitedly awaited my reaction to her new brilliant idea.  She held her white princess dress we had recently bought at a yard sale up against her body and began to model it for me.  I sighed, “Emilie…” I carefully began, “You haven’t been asked officially to be a flower girl at Jake’s wedding.”  She nodded and replied, “I know mom, but I just am so excited for his wedding, I just can’t help myself!  I just get so excited!”

Last year, Jake, Robbie’s best friend from PA school (and the girls adopted uncle) had been to our home for a visit with his new fiancé, Kristina.  Emilie had been especially excited about this visit because now there was a wedding to talk about!  And she used to say that there was nothing more fancy in life than a wedding.  Weeks and months later and Emilie continued to still talk about their wedding and how much she wanted to wear her fancy white dress and maybe, just maybe she could be a flower girl too.

We just returned home this week from Jake’s wedding in Seattle and it was amazing.  A beautiful beautiful wedding.  Madeline and Samantha were two of their flower girls and they couldn’t have been happier.

Image Madeline took her job very seriously and proudly walked down the aisle, guiding Samantha along with her.   You can just read it in her expression so clearly.

Samantha so excited

Samantha, my lovable silly

flower girl 4

Madeline so beautiful

Madeline, I love this sweet girl

I chose to bury Emilie in her sweet white dress, knowing that it was her absolute favorite dress.  Her fancy dress.

I felt Emilie so strongly that day.  I knew she was watching her little sisters.  Mixed with all the pain and sorrow, feeling her presence always seems to help.  It was an amazing day and I am so happy our family was there to share in our friends special day.  Congratulations Jake and Kristina!  We love you guys!

flower girl 5