A Haircut

About a month ago, Madeline began making comments to me about wanting to get a new haircut.  Not just a little trim though, she wanted her hair to be cut all the way up to her chin.  This is a cut that I knew would be adorable on her, but I didn’t know how serious she was.  For the last two years, she has been so vocal about growing her hair out.  Emilie, whose hair has always been fairly long, had convinced her that long hair was the most beautiful hair, period.  No matter what I would say to try to convince them otherwise, their minds could not be changed.  “No haircuts mom!”

haircut 2

While we were packing for our trip, Madeline brought it up to Robbie for the first time.  I saw the surprise look on Robbie’s face and I knew exactly what he was feeling.  She no longer has that big sister influencing her like she used to.

It is strange, because on one hand, it is wonderful to see Madeline step out of her shell and boldly be herself.  On the other hand…. Emilie is gone and no longer is that cool older sister Madeline and Samantha look up to like they use to.  She is no longer the trend setter.  Robbie and I understood that this would happen with the girls and of course it is natural and healthy, but it is a strange and emotional adjustment.

When I asked Madeline why she wanted to get her hair cut, she replied “I am just tired of everyone calling me Samantha all the time.  People always think we are twins.  I just want to look different.”  She was right.  There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t get asked if she and Samantha are twins.  They wear the same size clothes, their hair is around the same length and same color, and they are about the same height.  So, I allowed myself to get excited for her and I will admit, the results were amazing!! Image

It fits her personality so well.  I love seeing her face light up every time someone comments on how much they like her new haircut.  I can’t help but imagine what Emilie’s reaction would have been.  I think she would have loved it.  Not because of the haircut.  Because she loved seeing Madeline happy.

haircut 4