A Moment in Bed

I was browsing the internet tonight in bed, just trying to wind down and go to sleep.  I came across this video of the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, NM.  October.  I had forgotten all about that.  I clicked on the video that was a beautiful timelapse of the balloon launching at the fiesta.  Memories flooded my head and I couldn’t stop the tears from pouring down my face.

Memories of dragging myself out of bed before the sun came up to go down to the balloon launching site and set up my camera, all just to get that perfect shot.


Memories of random balloons landing in front of my house while we ate breakfast.


Memories of Emilie backing out at the last minute to go on a free balloon ride and letting Madeline go in her place instead.

memories 14

memories 15

Memories of our family packing up on the shuttle bus with a picnic in hand to watch all the balloons come alive together.

memories 8

memories 6

memories 5

Memories of running to the park next to our house before we had time to brush our hair, so that we could help pack up the wayward hot air balloon that landed by our house.

memories 3

memories 4

In Emilie’s dresser in her room, she still has her hot air balloon trading card placed neatly inside.

memories 2

 I miss October in New Mexico.