Project Em Week 1

Well, this last week was both fun and emotional for me.   We spent a lot of time getting ready for the art show at the YMCA.  The Emilie Parker Art Connection bought canvases for their final art exhibit of the year.  The theme was “Connections through Art”.  In getting ready Robbie and I got out a canvas that had been in his closet for a over a year now.  It was a Christmas present for Emilie that we were not able to give to her.  After a year of not knowing what to do with the canvas, Robbie and I finally had an idea; give it to Madeline and have her paint a picture for the art show.  So my first picture is Madeline sketching out her drawing on the canvas.


The next day we were able to go to the YMCA and actually help them set up for the art exhibit.  I loved looking at all the art work that was brought in locally as well as mailed in from all over the country.  Emilie dreamed about having one of her paintings in an art gallery, so it was amazing to see that dream of hers fulfilled.Image

It had been snowing a ton and so I decided to take some pictures in our yard.


Thursday night was the art exhibit and Madeline got to see her picture on display.  The art show was so sweet and the girls had a blast singing and dancing at the concert the kids from the YMCA gave.  The Art Connection gave a donation to sponsor scholarships for YMCA’s after school art program and their summer program.  Emilie loved their classes and can now help other children experience that same joy. Image

Friday when we went to see Natalie at her rehab facility, we decided to go on a walk and I took a few pictures.  Natalie has been in such high spirits and her positive attitude is just infections to be around.Image

Madeline wanted me to take a picture of her with her Emilie necklace


This picture is of the river in my backyard.  There is a little hill you have to walk down to get to it… and to be honest, I haven’t been down to the river since last November when I went with Emilie.  I could see from our house how amazing the snow looked on the water so I decided to just go.  It was so peaceful and quiet.  Wonderful.Image