So I took a little break…..

 Sometimes, I can get overwhelmed with life… and moving to Washington took a little time to adjust to my new roots.  So I took a break from a lot of things, which included this blog for a bit.  But, it was what I needed and it made me excited about posting some new things!  But first, here are a few highlights of what has been happening!

up 1

My girls.  They are such eclectic dressers.  I wouldn’t change it for the world!

up 2

up 3

Samantha got breakfast in bed!

up 4

Madeline graduated from Kindergarden!

up 30

I was invited to speak at BYU’s Women’s Conference ( at the concert, specifically).  Here I am hanging out with these lovely ladies backstage!

 up 27

Samantha got a haircut!

up 6

And we bought a house!!!!  With a big yard.  A BIG yard.  We are so so excited!

up 29

Samantha is done with preschool!  So crazy!!!

up 8

Madeline participating in her school’s parade.

up 10

Now, you can’t have a big yard and not have chickens.  Here is Robbie building our chicken’s mansion. It is so much bigger than we thought it would be!

up 11

Madeline is in heaven with her little chickens.  Poor girl loves loves loves animals and her mom is allergic to most of them.  So chickens were a huge upgrade from her little fish in her fish tank.up 13

Welcome to the family, Chick-a-letta (Madeline’s), Lara (Samantha’s), Yellow (Robbie’s) and Fancy (I named her after Fancy Nancy, Emilie’s favorite storybook character)

up 7

Madeline loves to catch these little frogs.  She names them all Lenny.  This one is Lenny #4.

up 16

Poor Robbie is trying to get this thing built and has had the worst luck getting to actually work on it.

up 17

Another one with Madeline and her chick.

up 18

We got to go to see our favorite baseball player a week ago… David Murphy!  Emilie caught his home run ball and she quickly became his biggest fan.  Now our girls have adopted him as their favorite player as well.  I love that he is always willing to spend time playing with them.

up 19

 up 21

Samantha got creative with her cotton candy and popcorn at the game.

up 20

And all Madeline wanted was a ball…

up 22

Here is Madeline this 4th of July at the Vancouver Rodeo getting ready for her first Mutton Ride!  She was so excited!  I admit, I was a little nervous… but she was so pumped!

up 23

She fell almost instantly, but it was still the coolest thing ever!

up 24

He is getting closer in this picture…

up 26

Oh Samantha, I loved that you asked me to take this picture of you.  Silly girl.

up 28

Madeline wearing her favorite rose colored glasses. You might have to look hard to see them.

up 31

Here is my new garden!  I have loved every minute I have spent in it… even the one’s where I am chasing out moles and voles!

up 33

Here is my other project.

up 32

Robbie and I went to Atlanta and spoke on a panel at a conference for the National Alliance for Grieving Children.  We got to stay for the whole conference and learn as much as we could (even though it was meant for grief councilors).  I loved it!  I so appreciate what those amazing councilors can do for kids.

up 34

Seriously, who needs a macro lens when you have an iPhone?!?!

up 35

Blueberry pickin’ at our new house

up 36

It is astonishing what this girl will do for a quarter!

up 25

Almost done… I hope!!!