A while ago (about a year to be more specific) I posted a picture of us with a blanket that my sweet cousin Chrissa made from Emilie’s clothes.  I said that I would make another post about the blanket later…. and it is now later!  To tell Chrissa thank you for making this amazing quilt, I decided to make her a book that showed her a piece of the memories we had associated with Emilie’s clothing. I was surprised how difficult making this book turned out to be for me.  Digging through old pictures and reliving those memories were both sweet and bitterly painful.  I then made all the layouts for each page and leaving space to write in any text for later.  I then took about seven months to think about what to write.  Yes, seven months.  No matter what I wanted to write, it just came out wrong.  Then one night (at about 3 am to be even more specific) it hit me how I wanted to write it out.  I felt like I should write it to Emilie.  And that is exactly what I did and the words just flowed out of me.  Finally I could finish it!  I wanted to share the pages with you and again tell my cousin, thank you!!! c cover

c 1

c 2

c 3

c 4

c 5

c 6

c 7

c 8

c 9

c 10

c 11

c 12c 14

c 13

c 15

c 16

c 17

c 18

c 19

c 20

c 21

c 22

c 23

c 24

c 25

c 26

c 27We have loved this blanket!  Full of gratitude!