Connecting to Emilie

em drawing 4

As most of you are aware, Emilie loved art. All kinds of art and she liked to express that love constantly in many different ways. Art was how she communicated with others, it was how she showed us the world through her eyes. Whether it be through her drawing, sculptures, paintings or her words she used her talent to connect with those around her. Those who knew Emilie in this life have expressed time and time again how when they were around her they felt connected to something special.
In her honor Alissa and I created a very simple non-profit, The Emilie Parker Art Connection, where 100% of proceeds raised go directly to community art programs in an effort to connect other children with art. Over the years we have quietly donated books, art supplies, and sponsored various art shows and ballet performances in communities where Emilie lived and throughout the country.
As we complete three years from the end of Emilie’s life we continue to remember her by the way she lived and how she connected all of us. To those who have asked what they can do to honor Emilie please consider the gift and healing power of art through The Emilie Parker Art Connection or by donating to your local art program.

This year the Emilie Parker Art Connection is happy to support the following:

Art with Heart

Art with heart is a non-profit whose mission is to help children overcome trauma through creative expression.

Children’s Healing Art Project

CHAP brings the healing power of art to children in crisis working in a partnership with hospitals, community organizations and schools.

Imagine Ballet

ImagineBallet is a non-profit pre-professional youth ballet company that gives aspiring young dancers professional training and performance experience

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With Love,

Robbie, Alissa, Madeline and Samantha