Happy 10th Birthday Emilie

emilie's birthday

Today we were able to spend the day together at the beach to celebrate Emilie’s birthday.  This was a beach we had been to many times with Emilie when she was young.  One of her favorite things to do at this beach was search for sand dollars.   We drove up up to the beach right at low tide and headed out to start collecting sand dollars.  The weather was beautiful and the sand dollars were everywhere.  We were able to collect enough to fill our whole bucket up.   I still haven’t decided exactly what we will do with them yet, but I would love to make something fun with it to remember this special day.

emilie's birthday 2

The rest of the day was spent flying kites, built sand castles and a quick trip to the aquarium.  On the drive home we watched home videos of our family and laughed at funny stories about Emilie.  It was exactly how Robbie and I wanted to celebrate her day.  Then Madeline pointed out the window of the car towards a small rainbow in the sky!  It was such a sweet way to end the day.


Happy Birthday sweet girl! We miss you so much.