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This is our family’s journey through the grieving process after losing our daughter, Emilie Parker, in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.  We named the blog The Parker Five simply because we will always be together as a family (Robbie, Alissa, Emilie, Madeline and Samantha).   Writing is a tool for us to process and articulate our thoughts during this painful and confusing time.  We appreciate all the love and support so many people have offered on our behalf.



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  1. Hi I know this happened awhile ago but i just hurd an amazing song on Youtube. Its called “Heaven” By Baby Kaylee. Its about the shooting. Im very sorry your family had to go thru this. Your family is so so strong. Emilie will always no matter what she will always be in our hearts iv never meet her, but i have seen pictures, she is so cute. And not a day goes by that i dont think about your family and emilie. Shes is the cutest thing alive. I would have died too meet her. Shes in gods hands. Rest In Peace Beautiful<3

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